A learning environment for continuous process improvement

MacDonald-Miller is in the business of continuous improvement to ensure we eliminate the eight types of waste. By delivering exactly what our customers are willing to pay for, our processes will inherently become streamlined and efficient. This improves the customer experience by reducing warranty and pushed deadlines while leveraging our vast experience of building and maintaining mechanical systems.

One spoke of continuous improvement is training – and MacMiller has a long history of empowering employees to grow by utilizing our internal continuing education offerings. This entails MacTed, Manufacture Lunch & Learns, departmental job-shadowing, and cross training to name a few.

A physical example of MacMiller’s commitment is our HVAC Training and Learning Center (TLC) located at the Detroit Campus Lower Building, where any employee can learn hands-on maintenance, troubleshooting, core processes of mechanical systems and new technologies. In lab we have VAV multiple zones, chilled beam, boiler supplied heating water, modulating chiller systems, 4-pipe fan coil, TAB certification and complete Honeywell building controls with our own Smart Building Monitoring. We can train on systems in-house rather than on a customer site, and this gives us an extreme advantage compared to the normal model of “learning-while-doing” in customer buildings. All of our employees and customers are welcome to take advantage of our technology workspace to test out an idea, learn a process, or fill in any gaps that exist in understanding HVAC systems.

In recognition of our training efforts, we were recently awarded “Best Contractor to Work for 2020” by The NEWS, a renowned industry publication with a national subscriber base. While we already knew MacMiller was the best contractor to work for, having a third party confirm it is extra special.

We should all be proud of our culture of learning and commitment to excellence, and I challenge you to continue this great tradition and take advantage of the training lab at your earliest convenience (COVID depending).

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