Independent Contractors Exchange Builds Support for Complex Building Systems

SEATTLE, Wash., September 16, 2019 – Local mechanical contractor, MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions, will host the 6th annual meeting for Independent Contractors Exchange (I.C.E.) September 17-19 at the Seattle Sheraton Grand Hotel.  I.C.E. is a group of over 60 independent contractors specializing in installation, operation, repair and maintenance of large commercial and industrial cooling systems and building and process control systems. Over 200 members and guests from all over the United States and Dubai, UAE are expected to attend.

Buildings are getting more and more complex and there is a need for technical support on almost every system in a plant or building. The group’s focus is on large applied products – chillers and related products, boilers and steam generation, power generation and cogeneration,building controls and monitoring.

“We believe that tomorrow’s contractors are going to need more technical support than ever. We wanted to create a group to meet that need by being 100% technical. We will provide exceptional technical support, work with the industry as is necessary to support that effort, and facilitate members creating idea exchanges to work on business issues,” says Rory Olson, Board of Directors for Independent Contractors Exchange.

The meeting agenda is designed to bring unique value to I.C.E. contractors and their clients.  Both technical and business topics that affect today’s contractors and commercial and industrial customers will be addressed such as: development and training next generation mechanics, equipment startup & commissioning variable flow systems mand emerging technology.

Strategic partners that supported the meeting include:  XOi Technologies,H3 HVAC Parts, tekWorx, Micro Controls Systems, Sunbelt Rentals, Bitzer, Summit Refrigerants, EnergyPrint, Key2Act, Daikin, Elliott Tool Technologies, RefTec International Systems, Siemens Large Drives, Smardt, Trane, Precision Dynamics, Milwaukee, Convex, and Financial Risk Solutions, Inc.

About Independent Contractors Exchange:
The Mission of I.C.E. is to improve people, companies and the industry through technical support and training, sharing of best practices and maintaining positive relationships with strategic partners in the industry.




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