MacDonald-Miller is pushing the limit once again on our modular capabilities!  We proved the impossible by pulling two high-density vertical riser modules, all fabricated in a safer approach at ground level in our shop over the course of two weeks, to ensure all the high-risk work was performed offsite. The modules were shipped to the site, rotated into their vertical position, and picked into their final position within 2 hours of arrival onsite. All of this was done before a single piece of steel was set onsite for the primary structure!

We could not have done this without the support of our awesome team members OAC Service and GLY Construction.  Their partnership was foundational for the innovative approach to modular solutions, which reduce overall project schedule and risk. What normally would have taken 6 weeks of time onsite per shaft to install instead took 2 hours of actual time at the point of installation.

A new bar has been set

MacDonald-Miller is your partner that can and will help you achieve these goals to make your projects safer, with better quality control, and better throughput for your current and future projects.

HVAC Modular Riser Racks


What would normally require 6 weeks of inside field work was installed in 2 hour onsite!

  • The build was verified against the model within 1/8″ accuracy.
  • The Build time (5 days) and Assembly time (5 days) for these racks combined was 10 days.
  • The GC gained 6 weeks of time on the schedule.

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