Earlier this year, Fluke approached the Economic Alliance to conduct an innovation workshop at The NW Innovation Resource Center.  They were looking for a local business that could provide some hands-on, problem-solving training opportunities. They asked MacDonald-Miller to provide some real-world examples from the construction industry and challenges of a growing mid-size company.

Grant Gummow, Area Business Manager of MacDonald-Miller’s Northend, and Seth LaRiviere, Service Training Manager, provided the questions to the group of innovation students and UW professors who gathered in TheLab@everett.  The group reviewed the business cases and worked together to form solutions with creative out of the box thinking from a non-industry perspective.

This central “challenge” was how to better serve MacMiller customers in the field and was worked up by Seth and Grant in concert with Fluke. More specifically, the challenge was how to enable MM field technicians to give higher quality advice more quickly about investments decisions like “Repair vs. Replace.”

“MacDonald-Miller’s support of the Innovation Challenge event at the NWIRC incubator was essential to its success. The Innovation Challenge event had teams of students and Fluke associates ideating and rapidly sketching out potential solutions to a innovation challenge provided by MacDonald-Miller. – George Allen, Director of Planning & Growth at Fluke

Thank you to the partners that made this community event possible!



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