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Did you know MacDonald-Miller offers Fabrication Services? This offering allows customers to order specialty products and request custom solutions directly from our fabrication team! With the right tools and people in place, we are more than a 100,000 SF sheet metal, mechanical piping, and plumbing prefabrication shop.

As experts in bending, cutting and burning, forming, welding, and final assembly services, we have skilled craftsmen to tackle any custom request with ease and precision! MacDonald-Miller Fabrication Services gives you a design partnership with decades of build expertise and industry-leading innovative solutions.

When you choose MacDonald-Miller, you’re not just getting a product – you’re gaining access to a partnership where we can help you see a world of possibilities.


‘Custom’ is not synonymous with more expensive! It simply means we are able to offer unique solutions. We can create tailor-made, fabricated products specifically for you.

Custom Design and Engineering: We offer design and engineering services to assist you in developing your concepts into manufacturable products. This may involve CAD (Computer-Aided Design) modeling and simulation.

Prototyping Services We can help develop and test your product designs before full-scale production. Why not ensure it’s what you want before ordering hundreds of products?

Quality Control: Ensuring the quality of fabricated parts or products is essential. We have quality control measures in place, including inspection procedures and testing to verify compliance with specifications.

Custom Fabrication for Specialized Industries: We specialize in serving specific industries such as automotive, aerospace, marine, construction, or industrial manufacturing, offering tailored solutions to meet industry-specific requirements.

No design? No problem!

Our Fabrication Manager can work with you to design a solution that is based on your project needs. 

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