City of Issaquah partners with MacDonald-Miller

The City of Issaquah’s new Clean Buildings Incentive Program provides Issaquah building owners with no-cost consultant services to improve energy efficiency. In addition, eligible buildings can apply for state incentive payments to make needed retrofits. As part of the city’s Clean Buildings Incentive Program, Issaquah has partnered with MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions to help building owners learn about the program, apply for state money, reduce energy use, save money, comply with the new Clean Buildings Standard, and support the city in meeting energy and decarbonization reduction targets.

“The City of Issaquah is pleased to partner with MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions in helping our building owners and businesses reduce energy use and access state funding,” said City of Issaquah Mayor Pauly. “This program also helps advance the community’s ambitious targets for the climate action plan in reducing energy use in existing buildings.”

The program also supports building owners who must comply with the state’s new Commercial Clean Buildings Performance Standard, which requires that most buildings larger than 50,000 square feet meet energy efficiency standards beginning in 2026 and reporting requirements for buildings 20,000 square feet and greater. Washington’s Early Adopter Incentive program offers $75 million in incentives to eligible building owners to assess their energy use, create and implement plans to reduce energy consumption, and to encourage early compliance with the state law.

“Our partnership with the Office of Sustainability and MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions provides Issaquah building owners with support to not only meet state regulations and potentially qualify for grants to implement, but to ultimately create clean buildings that attract businesses and workforce aligned with Issaquah’s values,” said Jen Davis Hayes, Issaquah Economic Development Manager.

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Building owners and property managers can attend a webinar on March 28 at 2 pm to learn more: Register here


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