A recent article by CIO Magazine features our own CIO, Bradd Busick! Read the full article here.

The 3 surprising secrets that drive innovation in the digital era

What if creating innovative breakthroughs and developing a much-heralded innovation culture isn’t about creating tiger teams or unleashing unbridled, free-wheeling creativity into every corner of the organization? What if driving innovation in the digital era came down to three simple actions? 

‘The way we were able to get the business to see IT as a business partner rather than overhead was when we created the ability to articulate technology capabilities in business terms,’ explained Bradd Busick, CIO of Seattle-based mechanical contractor MacDonald-Miller.

That ability to deliver innovations that were directly affecting the bottom line helped cement the mindset shift that Busick had sought to create as he transformed IT from a traditional back-office role to a driver of business value. That initial value then created a virtuous cycle, that opened the door to even greater innovation opportunities.

Busick explained: “Being able to drive real business benefit gives me the right to be heard and the opportunity to do something like introduce a dedicated space for virtual reality…and that capability, what we call the M-Lab, enables us to build a fully interactive model of a project before its built…And that will flip the entire supply chain. ”

Read the full article by Charles Araujo here: CIO Online Magazine

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