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As an Essential Services Provider, MacDonald-Miller is committed to doing all that we can to support our customers. You can continue to expect our partnership and assistance to help meet critical needs during this time, both onsite and remote. While all building systems are unique, there are a few comprehensive recommendations applicable for all buildings during COVID-19. Please contact our service team to receive your Building Confidence Report and current building recommendations.

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Areas of Focus & Recommendations


We recommend: (1) Increasing the number of air changes per hour inside the building by opening outside air intakes. (2) Checking and cleaning outside air intake grills. (3) Disabling demand-controlled ventilation. (4) Keeping system fans running longer hours to promote continuous circulation.


Studies have shown that maintaining humidity levels in a building or space above 43% cuts the ability of a virus to spread. We recommend monitoring our indoor humidity levels and adding moisture to the air if needed.


We recommend changing your air filters and consider upgrading your central air filtration to the MERV-13 or the highest compatible with the filter rack, and seal edges of the filter to limit bypass.


  • Certified Health Constructor (CHC)*
  • Healthcare Construction Certification (HCC)*
  • Infection Prevention-Construction Certification (IP)*
  • Maintenance & Construction in Healthcare Facilities Certifications*
  • ASHE NFPA-99 Certifications*
  • Medical Gas Certified Plumbers
  • Certified Air/Water Balancers (9 NEBB Certified)
  • Licensed Boiler Operators
  • NFPA-80 Certified Testing and Maintenance Technicians
  • NFPA-92 Certified Technicians
  • Mechanical Design Engineers

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Building Education Videos

CUSTOMER WEBINAR: Recommendations During COVID-19

During this webinar, our panel of MacDonald-Miller industry experts answers customer questions about the best practices for <a href="">HVAC during the new era of COVID-19</a>. Here are the fundamental and practical quality recommendations for your HVAC systems from your service & safety team.

Smart Ventilation

We’re able to monitor ventilation and make recommendations based on what our team sees in our building health dashboards.

For our Smart Building Maintenance customer we can:
✔️ Monitor Airflow and Offer Recommendations
✔️ Adjust Outdoor Air Input
✔️ Program a Building Flush (where air is forced through the building to remove or reduce pollutants prior to re-occupancy)

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