Often it’s difficult to recognize when systems are wasting energy – until the bill comes. We collaborate with owners, engineers and facility managers to develop automation strategies that keep your building lean. We’re by your side every step of the way, providing big data analytics, advanced fault detection, and business intelligence that reduces waste and creates sustainable energy solutions. And once we get our building in tip-top shape, we’ll be there 24/7 to make sure it stays that way.

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How it works: Building Analytics

At MacDonald-Miller, we are dedicated to making sure your building works smarter, not harder. Building Analytics is a software-based solution that has the capability to unify numerous stand-alone automation systems. When integrated with a work order management system the building analytics software can seamlessly identify, prioritize, assign accountability and track the resolution to an operating deficiency. Always seeking to identify operating deficiencies and prioritize corrective action, this software never sleeps!

As your partner, MacDonald-Miller will implement, monitor, and provide cost-saving strategies so you can rest easy.

Automation Please

Project Highlights

Seattle Aquarium

This project is unique due to its aquatic nature and the life safety fault rules that were developed to help the Seattle Aquarium achieve maximum energy efficiency and aquatic health. Energy performance is being maintained and critical system failures have been successfully averted due to the advanced analytics capabilities offered by the ICONICS software suite.

Swedish First Hill

MacDonald-Miller’s Smart Campus Analytics project at the First Hill Campus connects over 1.6M square feet. The success of the First Hill project has led to expanding the Smart Campus deployments to the Cherry Hill and Ballard Campuses for an additional 900K square feet. A total of 15 buildings totaling 2.5M square feet will be participating in the Smart Campus Analytics program.

Washington Athletic Club

Through continuous monitoring and the analytics capabilities of the ICONICS software, the WAC was able to reduce energy consumption by an additional 18% for a total annual savings of $0.70/SF. At the end of 2019, the WAC will have avoided over a $1.3M in wasteful energy spend due to the continuous commissioning process of the ICONICS software suite.


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