When understood, accepted and supported, the “MacDonald-Miller Operating Guidelines” will open up communication and increase the flow of meaningful information. The guidelines are as follow:

  1. Focus on specific issues, situations, and problems; not on persons.
  2. Be specific; not general.
  3. Focus on the here and now and on observable behavior.
  4. When expressing personal opinions, say “I”, not “we”.
  5. Avoid saying “you” when you mean “I”.
  6. Eliminate put-down humor.
  7. Listen, listen, listen.
  8. Check it out. Ask questions.
  9. Eliminate finding fault and pinning blame.
  10. Operate in a caring way.
  11. Be open minded.
  12. Affirm everywhere; counsel in private.
  13. Take the responsibility to tell it like you see it.
  14. Commit to the decision.
  15. Treat everyone as your customer.
  16. Avoid premature closure.
  17. Be responsible for your own behavior.
  18. Make amends whenever possible.
  19. Have fun!

We make buildings work better.