Hiring your HVAC contractor

When hiring your commercial HVAC mechanical contractor, there are key things you can look for that will predict whether they will be a good hire. Here are the top 5 characteristics to look for in your contractor:

#1 – Integrity

Will they stick to their word, their budget, and their timelines?

At MacDonald-Miller, we strive to honor our agreements and our commitments to our customers. It’s part of the operating guidelines we’ve been living by for over 50 years.

#2 – Expertise

Do they have depth of knowledge and years of experience proving they can do what they say they do?

We can engineer, detail, build, & service your building’s mechanical system. We do it all, and we’ll continue building the best functioning buildings in the Pacific Northwest for years to come.

#3 – Dedication

Are they committed to quality of work? Will they go the extra mile beyond the job description to ensure the best possible building environment for the customer?

We aren’t in the business of selling products; we’re in the business of providing our customers with full 24-7 service. No matter the problem, we find the solutions.

#4 – Vision

Are they forward-thinking? Are they known to be the best in class for technology, products, and service?

Technology is part of everything we do. We like to be the first to bring cutting-edge solutions to every job.

#5 – Partnership

Will they go beyond the office hours? Will they communicate with you every step along the way?

We operate in the mindset that our customers are more than accounts. We treat our clients like team members, and we want to be there to support them with all their building needs.

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