Women in Construction Week:

It’s Day 3 of Women in Construction Week! Today we feature Danielle Vincent, our Tool Room Manager. MacDonald-Miller has a 100,000 SF sheet metal, mechanical piping, and plumbing prefabrication shop. In the heart of our shop is our tool room, which Dani is responsible for supplying with the correct tools required for each job. She is a major part of the team providing the quality and efficiency we bring to every job.

Dani Vincent, Tool Room Manager.

I got into construction through applying for the Project Management Admin position four years ago, and once I got my foot in the door at the company, I was able to move to the shop and get involved with the tool room. As the Tool Room Manager, I’m in charge of ordering all of the tools for job sites and vans. I oversee the Receiving department where all our equipment comes in, I coordinate alongside the Delivery department to supply everyone with what they need to get the job done, I work with our vendors to make sure we have enough stock of needed items on a regular basis, and I also set up and manage all our equipment rentals.

I love the freedom I have to bring new ideas and processes into the tool room so that we are always advancing and improving. MacDonald-Miller provides me with the tools and support I need to change and grow, not only my department, but also me as an individual.

One thing that really is unique specific to my department is our internal software abilities. We have an internal tool management program that is customized to fit all our tool tracking needs. Whenever I need a change to the program, it can be done. We were also able to work together to create an online ordering system for tools, receiving items, prefab, and stock withdrawals. This makes getting stuff out to the field organized and efficient.

To anyone interested in a career in construction, learn and absorb everything you can. This is a company where you can grow, whether you want to advance your career into the trades or if you want to work in an office position, MacDonald-Miller is a place where you have options.

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