Safety is not optional

It’s Construction Safety Week 2018! At MacDonald-Miller safety is at the core of everything we do. Our ongoing training, education and personal disciplines have created the environment of safety excellence. With more than a 300 OSHA 30 graduates on staff and two OSHA 30 classes taught each year, our team is constantly improving its ability to recognize and avoid hazards on the job.  Our current EMR is 0.4979 – one of the lowest for mechanical contractors in the Washington State Fund.

“It’s not always easy to do the safe thing, sometimes it takes courage to look out for your coworker as well as yourself with the pressure and demanding schedules we face in our daily jobs. It is what we do! Nothing is more important to the company then all of you. Thank you for making the correct choices every day and the hard work we all do. It’s just one of the many things we do that makes us different and the best.” – Mark Webster, Executive VP, Chief Operating Officer

Safety Awards

  • NECA Safety Excellence Award 2018
  • AGC Safety Excellence Award 2018
  • AGC Safety Excellence Award 2017
  • AGC Safety Excellence Award 2016
  • AGC Safety Excellence Award 2015
  • MCAA Safety Excellence Award 2015
  • MCA Safety Excellence Award 2014
  • Occupational Medicine Forum Superior Safety Award 2014
  • AGC, Safety Award Top Performer for Safety & Claims Management 2014

“No project is truly successful if someone is hurt in the process.” – Lee Pyfrom CHST, Director of Safety

Our safety policy matches an enterprise of our size with over 1,000 employees. Each job has a site-specific safety program developed by our Safety Director and implemented by the field foreman and managers. We will continue to take the extra step in safety to ensure everyone, every day, gets home safely!

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