Seattle Center Boiler Project:

Bill Kegley (MacMiller Boiler Service Technician) assisted with the start-up of the Seattle Center boiler plant with the original Autoflame controls almost 20 years ago! These boilers are part of a central heating and cooling plant that provides building heating and cooling throughout the center. There has never been a control failure in all that time, and the old MK6 controls still work perfectly. In fact, the only component failure was a servo motor and a flame scanner – this is a great testimonial to the quality of Autoflame controls.

Michael Nau, the chief engineer planning to retire soon, was aware that the MK6 controls were no longer supported by Autoflame and wanted to see his plant upgraded before he left. The industrial size boilers serve the remaining eight buildings at Seattle Center.

The old system was only comprised of the MK6 burner control, and the old MK6 DTI (Data Transfer Interface) had never been fully hooked up. Thus, the MacMiller industrial boiler team, working with Charlie Prib from Service Special Projects, proposed two additional components in the Autoflame MK8 series: the MK8 EGA and the MK8 DTI. These two components were essential to City of Seattle’s goal of energy conservation. The EGA is the exhaust gas analyzer that monitors combustion and “trims” the burner continuously for maximum efficiency and safety.

We also installed a water level control and a new MK8 DTI that will be fully integrated into the network. DTI is the ‘black box’ between the boiler controls and their building automation controls. It also maintains storage for holding history up to 24 months, while providing programming that enables boiler room management where multiple boilers exist. Almost all industrial/large boilers have one or two backups as it would be quite disastrous if one went offline with no fail-safe present. This MK8 DTI can help manage how these boilers work together and remain efficient.

We also installed VFDs on the burner blowers that dramatically reduced noise in the boiler room while simultaneously reducing energy costs. We’re excited about this project, especially because Michael can retire knowing his plant is ready for the next generation of boiler operators. And, MacMiller is poised to help keep the plant running at maximum efficiency.

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