Last week the Energy Trust of Oregon presented Montgomery Park’s owner a rebate check for $823,875 at their 1-megawatt solar plant ribbon cutting. The historic building and their star leadership team, Bill Naito Company, continues to shine. Already at an energy star rating of 94, their end goal is an energy star rating of 100 by their 100th birthday in 2020. Solar canopies of the two buildings were online first, and within months were already generating enough power to offset 100% of their energy consumption. “In fact,” Tim Hendricks, Facilities and Sustainability Manager says, “we’ve been able to bank extra kilowatt-hours for winter months when the system isn’t as productive.” Despite its age, Montgomery Park is the fifth most efficient building in Portland, and a score of 100 would make it No. 1!

 “We’re delighted to be partners with the Bill Naito Company. They truly understand the impacts of energy efficiency for their tenants and the bigger picture of company’s making a conscientious effort to participate proactively in climate action plans,” says, Mark DeWeirdt, with MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions. “We’re extremely proud of their success”.

Building upon the city’s climate action plan, mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, recently announced that Portland and Multnomah County would target 100% renewable energy for city operations by 2035—joining 25 other US cities in taking the pledge for a 100% renewable energy target.  Using Energy Trust Incentives, Bill Naito Company contracted MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions to overhaul the building’s HVAC system with no additional capital expenditures.


Video source: Imagine Energy

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