SMARTCAP Partnership:

MacDonald-Miller consistently pioneers how the mechanical industry approaches performance contracting in the private sector, and SMARTCAP leads the way in the real estate investment market. Thus, it was destined that the two organizations connected to form a mutually beneficial relationship. We are at a pivotal time in the mechanical contracting industry, as we are witnessing increased focus on providing high-value utility programs and a driving need for creative funding sources. That is why MacMiller, over the last several years, has doubled down on leveraging these resources to provide an innovative performance contracting strategy. Yet, a strategy is only as good as its ability to be digested and implemented in a real-life scenario; otherwise, all you end up with is a cool idea. The leadership at SMARTCAP, founded by its previous Microsoft tech executive’s CEO, Tim Shoultz and COO, Joe Ollis, quickly understood our strategy and how to use the associated benefits for purchasing the Quad I-5 Buildings A and B properties.

Tim and Joe had a singular vision when they engaged MacMiller for the Quad I-5 properties: turn desired properties in the Snohomish County area to properties whose HVAC infrastructure and lighting technology rivals that of any Seattle high-rise building.

However, they also have an obligation to their organization’s stakeholders to ensure any investment in infrastructure provides a return worthy of the dollars spent. Therefore, driven to provide tech-leading HVAC and lighting systems and the requirement to align with specific financial criteria, we commenced our development process over several months of collaboration to arrive at the project currently underway. This includes the upgrades of all interior and exterior lights to LEDs, HVAC controls, lighting control and replacement of the (4) 90-ton rooftop units.

Anchoring our tech strategy is an emerging technology from Siemens that incorporates both lighting (switches, occupancy sensors and lights) and HVAC control into a singular device. This creates a streamlined approach for driving energy savings to levels never realized before while providing an atypical aesthetic advantage.

We are excited to get these systems running and witness how much energy savings we are going to generate in excess of the 90+ energy star score already forecasted. Indeed, this is new ground. The potential upside of this collaboration is immensely promising, and we will keep everyone posted as the results come in.

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