New Construction Project Highlight: Moxy Hotel

MacDonald-Miller is bringing our design-build services to downtown Portland. The Moxy Hotel, featuring 197 guest rooms and retail space, is a new hotel tower in the center of downtown Portland operated by Marriott International. The property includes 12 stories above grade and a single-storybasement that contains a fitness room, bike storage, offices, water tank and fire pump, and backup generator. Level 1 contains a bar that doubles as the reception desk, an open lobby, a central kitchen, and four restaurant tenant spaces intended for small food-cart vendors within the lobby space. The upper floor contains a hospitality suite, and the roof has an outdoor public patio and garden roof.

The primary HVAC systems for the building are VRF units at each individual hotel room with central subducted exhaust and Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) distribution. The hotel floor plumbing fixtures are served by a Sovent combined waste and vent system. Sovent is an engineered, single-stack plumbing waste system that provides increased flows and lower installation costs than traditional waste and vent plumbing systems.

Our full design-build scope of work includes mechanical HVAC Sheet Metal and Piping, Fitting, Plumbing, and Controls. Construction for this project with our partner Howard S. Wright Construction started in February, and the project will be complete in November of 2020.

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