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As 2021 Winds Down, Commercial HVAC Controls Is Looking Up

With owner interest piqued, high sales potential is less about persuasion than performance

Commercial controls contractors have picked up a couple of pandemic-driven improvements in how they do things. Just don’t try to spot them at the project.

“Jobsite restrictions create inefficiencies on execution,” said George Pfeiffer, director of building controls at the Pacific Northwest’s MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions.

“So being able to perform as much of the tasks off-site [as possible] has helped not only in the sense of carrying out those tasks in a controlled environment but also keeping us off the critical path of the schedule.”

In particular, MacDonald-Miller tests all the graphics and software programming in its office alongside project stakeholders, Pfeiffer explained.

“We simulate to the sequence of operations in the contract documents and gain approval from all parties,” including owners, consultants, contractors, and commissioning agents.

After controllers are installed at the site, “it’s a matter of field verification instead of full-blown commissioning, since most of the ‘bugs’ have been worked out.”

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ACHR News: As 2021 Winds Down, Commercial HVAC Controls Is Looking Up


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