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MacDonald-Miller has been working on sheet metal and controls projects on ships for years, but for the first time we moved into the specialized market of Navy air conditioning and refrigeration work. First stop, VIGOR Shipyard in Portland, Oregon to get air conditioning and refrigeration plants up to 100% working order on the USS Frank Cable after many years of no maintenance, as the ship was on its way to retirement.

The biggest challenge on USS Frank Cable was to get it done in just 5 months – as ships leave port with or without work being completed! With the short timeline in mind, there were tons of parts ordered and subcontracts signed without change order PO#’s, resulting in many sleepless nights!


About our Marine team
Teamwork and commitment make both Robert Blessing and Cory Evans stand out. They possess a wealth of experience on Johnson Controls and York equipment in addition to specializing in Navy A/C and refrigeration systems. Robert also served for the US Navy on the USS Momsen.

These two guys have been traveling 4 hours from Snohomish to Portland weekly for 5 months and have been receiving compliments from Vigor Shipyards and Military Sealift Command (MSC) for the USS Frank Cable. Robert and Cory spend most of their careers traveling to Japan, Guam, Thailand and Hawaii following the US Navy fleet. In the last year, we have become a vendor for NAVSEA, Military Sealift Command (MSC), BAE Systems in Hawaii, Vigor Shipyards Seattle and Portland, and are now working on National Steel and Shipbuilding Co. (NASSCO).

Scope of work:

200- Ton Centrifugal A/C Plants

  • Replacement of 1,100 copper nickel tubes in condenser bundles
  • Acid cleaning, pressure washing and dehydrating inside of three evaporators and condensers
  • Rebuilding of two 200-ton centrifugal compressors
  • Rebuilding of two 400 hpelectric motors
  • Rebuilding of seawater regulating valves & actuators
  • Welding on vessels where acid found corrosion
  • Cleaning of 2600# of R-236FA refrigerant to like-new state

Refrigeration Freezers & Coolers

  • Perform full groom of all refrigeration equipment
  • Repair all leaks
  • Replace all 404A refrigerant and oil

Our Largest Sheet Metal job on a ship to date!

  • 5 vaneaxial fans
  • 23 steam coils
  • 12 chilled water coils
  • One complete new-air supply system to the engine room
  • Duct replacement in approximately 35 various fan room and compartments
  • Approximately 40,000 lbs of galvanized and stainless-steel duct work
  • Replacement of approximately 750 duct access doors
  • Crew of 8 for most of the duration



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