A stealthy approach to success

:+ : By Jason Boucher

600 Broadway is a multi-tenant medical office building that provides primary care and outpatient services to many patients daily. This mechanical modernization project was a complex project with very specific client needs. The building was required to remain in operation through the entire project, with a clear goal of patient care never being disturbed by the mechanical systems repairs and upgrades in their space. The MacDonald-Miller Healthcare Team was selected by architectural firm Perkins-Will to perform a basis of design engineering and costing study for the mechanical portion of the project. The basis of design scope highlighted a few offerings that set us apart from the competition, specifically LEED certifications, mechanical engineering, our Smart Building Services and depth of healthcare experience.

Execution of the interior project relied on heavy multi-discipline pre-planning, strong communication and stealth execution. This consisted of the replacement of 198 VAV boxes and 10 heat pumps in the building. The project was fully executed during nights, and each morning the goal was for the tenants to be unaware that any work was conducted the night before – from ceilings being taken down, electrical changes, VAV’s and heat pumps being replaced. Each morning, everything would be buttoned up and functioning per design. After nearly 5 months of night shifts the interior mechanical work was completed.

The exterior work occurred near the tail end of the project when MacDonald-Miller was to complete a full rooftop replacement in 2.5 days. This equipment included one 280 ton custom DX air handling unit, one fluid cooler, two condenser water pumps, three exhaust fans, two domestic water heaters and one boiler. After weeks of coordination and planning through many different companies, work commenced. At 6pm on a Friday we began shutting down and disconnecting all the equipment. After all the equipment made it to the roof, our teams began the process of tying each piece into the building. Through rigorous hours through the weekend we were able to successfully have each piece of equipment up and running for the following Monday.

“The roof pick was exciting to watch. The MacMiller team performance was exceptional from the coordination to execution. Very well done.” – Larry Hancock, Unimark Superintendent

With the building systems in full operation, and the equipment exceeding client expectations, it is safe to say that MacDonald-Miller executed with distinction. We will continue to deliver for years to come with our local healthcare presence and our building analytics with our Smart Building Services team.

“The MacMiller team on First Hill has built a relationship of trust and accountability with CBRE, and given the complexity and risk of this project, we knew that there was only one contractor that we could confidently count on… you planned it, communicated it, and then did it. Phenomenal job, thank you.” – Bob Hamilton, Chief Engineer, CBRE

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