Construction Inclusion Week

MacDonald-Miller is stepping up our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through participation in Construction Inclusion Week (CIW) again this year in 2022!

Historically, the construction industry makes the most progress when members across the industry work together collaboratively. Like Construction Safety Week, Construction Inclusion Week is an industry-wide awareness effort to foster a more inclusive construction industry by providing a structure, resources, and educational materials while promoting safe spaces for difficult conversations. CIW has a focused daily theme for each day of the week: Commitment & Accountability, Belonging, Supplier Diversity, Workplace Culture, and Community Engagement.

The construction industry’s culture must become more inclusive to attract, retain, and develop the best talent and maximize supplier diversity. The vision is that by working collaboratively with construction industry partners, we will have a greater impact and create more sustainable, measurable, and industry-wide change.

Earlier this summer, leadership introduced MacDonald-Miller’s DEI Statement You Be You and Together We Can. It’s all about embracing diversity and creating a more vibrant, stronger, and inclusive culture at MacDonald-Miller. It’s not just a statement – it’s an important part of the company’s blueprint for growth. When people feel included, they lean in, and the synergies that inclusion and belonging create enhance our corporate culture, cohesion, and success. Our DEI statement reflects our core focus of continuous improvement, the direction we’re headed, and who we are as a company. It helps us retain and attract talented people who want to be part of one of the top 15 Mechanical Contractors in the country.

We are excited to bring the company together for this important work, and to have fun in the process of moving forward better and stronger, together.


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