NAIOP’s 2020 Project Awards:

Each year, NAIOP’s Night of the Stars identifies outstanding real estate developments and activities in a variety of market types and the individuals who conceived of, took risks, sponsored, supported and made the projects happen. The awards aim to honor all who contributed to the successful commercial real estate market in this annual celebration of the industry. Projects are evaluated for impact on the community, market adaptability, ingenuity, and local contributions. 

Redevelopment / Renovation Project of the Year Winner:

T-Mobile Headquarters – Building 2

The T-Mobile “Building Two” project was not one single project. Instead, it is a network of three significant and unique interior tenant improvements, a complimentary and expansive “deck” ensconcing the amenity space, a challenging structural modification as well as an upgrade, two brand new connecting skybridges, and an ongoing plaza reinvention just outside the front door. Each of these projects has its own end-user group.


Congratulations to the MacDonald- team for this LEED Certified project and NAIOP Night of the Stars Award Winner!

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