Women in Construction Week:

We’re kicking things off this week with a new team member, Lana Gochenauer, VDC Solutions Manager. MacDonald-Miller’s engineering team strives to deliver inspired solutions that integrate with the overall design and function of a building. As one of the largest engineering groups in the region, we take advantage of our company’s consulting and design-build expertise in developing your building’s systems. Here is what drew this process enthusiast to MacDonald-Miller and the new position of VDC Solutions Manager.


Lana Gochenauer, LEED AP BD+C – VDC Solutions Manager

What is a VDC Solutions Manager? This is a relatively new job title in the industry. There are BIM Managers and Model Managers, even VDC Managers, but a VDC Solutions Manager is new. While a BIM Manager takes care of Revit and the process of building the model. The model managers make sure the model is clean, following standards, and updating with new information. The VDC Solutions Manager makes sure those individuals have all the information, technology and processes they need to be successful.

We have very talented people here and we want everyone to be successful from the start.  We need everyone to be on the same page when it comes to working within models, both internally among our MM team and externally with partners.

There is a lot of change occurring in the construction industry. Some changes will have a great impact and some will have a very short shelf life. The VDC Solutions Manager must have their finger on the pulse of the industry. What is new? What is being successfully implemented? What is still in sales mode? How can this ‘new shiny thing’ help our teams do what they do, better, faster, leaner? It’s a little bit software, a little bit process, a little bit people helper and a little bit problem solver.

What is great about this job is it’s different each day with new challenges to conquer. Removing roadblocks so that team members can be more productive and less stressed is a great part of my job.

My advice for new comers to the industry: Learn as much as you can about every aspect of the process. Learn about sales and contracts. Keep up to date with technology. That way when you are doing your job you can understand the repercussions or ramifications of your decisions.

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