The Eight | Bellevue, WA


NE 8th Project, also referred to as “The Eight”, stands apart from other high-rise shell and core projects as this building is being constructed by Skanska, for Skanska. This project showcases the trust they have in MacDonald-Miller to execute a project where they are not only the general contractor, but also the owner’s rep, and the owner. We’ve been working with Skanska USA since 2019 on this project to ensure their expectations are exceeded, despite regional and global impacts on our market. The team that has been assembled is comprised of high-performing contributors that have created a workspace filled with motivation and excitement to deliver a product that we can all be proud of.

There were some unique challenges in working around concrete and supply chain delays, and escalation impacts are still a challenge. MacMiller has exercised all options to reduce the impact to both the project and the schedule. The Eight is also the first large scale project where we will be installing a Firefighter Air Replenishment System (FARS) – this is new to the greater Seattle area.


• Mixed-Use Office
• 25 Stories
• 523,000 SF of Office
• 12,650 SF of Active Use
• 883 Parking Spaces

Project schedule: Broke ground in Q4 2020, scheduled completion in Q4 2023


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