The MacDonald-Miller team really went above and beyond in welcoming the educators, ensuring that they had a top-notch experience, providing context and connections, and being so very patient and collaborative. 

The teacher externship you provided was meaningful, relevant, and inspiring for all of our educators. I heard many comments about the MLAB and also about the pre-fabrication tour. This is exactly the kind of partnership that will make a difference for our youth. When teachers can communicate an understanding of what MacDonald-Miller does and how youth can enter and prosper in that pathway, everyone wins.

You provided a meaningful and engaging experience for the teachers — one that allowed them to envision a career pathway for their students. Not only did that come to life, the systems and data you demonstrated were fascinating. Many of the words and descriptions you used aligned perfectly with standards (Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core) that teachers are charged with teaching. The modeling, systems-level design, and data analysis are all embedded in K12 instruction and it was high-impact for teachers to connect that with industry. After we left, many were making plans and contemplating how to obtain the controls board you demonstrated and how to talk you into coming to their school. That’s the highest of compliments. 

Thank you so much. MacDonald-Miller is definitely a class act! Your leadership and coordination made the entire week a comprehensive look into the life of controls programmers. Teachers do not often get the opportunity to experience industry partnerships like that. 

– Dr. Kareen Borders, Executive Director STEM Instruction and Outreach – West Sound STEM Network

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