Thanks to David Rellinger and this streamlined delivery system, everything that Oleg Regheta, a downtown Seattle Service Technician, needs for the next 2 days’ scheduled appointments is pre-stocked and waiting for him in his meticulously arranged service vehicle — his van is trash free, clean uniforms are neatly hung, and parts are organized. Historically, service techs like Oleg could spend more than an hour each day picking up parts and uniforms; this practice has been replaced with the Service Tech Delivery System.

Service Tech Delivery Driver, David Rellinger, supports the 19 Service Technicians working in Seattle’s downtown core. He is in constant motion delivering needed parts and materials, swapping clean uniforms for dirty ones, dropping off mail and tools. He is also relieving technicians of excess materials, dirty filters and other extraneous items. Beyond the prearranged deliveries, he makes himself available to pick up on-demand parts for unplanned repairs.

This delivery system allows us to provide more customer value in the same amount of time, as technicians rarely leave their work area to retrieve materials. Over time we plan to expand this service to our Tacoma and Portland field offices. We are redefining what it means to be “at your service”!

This Service Tech Delivery System was developed to manage the challenges of traffic and reduce technician travel time. Through the efforts of Darryl West, Downtown Service Operations Manager; Shain Weaver, Pilot Delivery Driver; and the entire downtown crew, this delivery system has been fine-tuned into a system easily replicated. In fact, because of its success, a second delivery driver, Laura Stogin, was deployed in Bellevue this May.


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