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In November 2020, Michael Burrus and Joe Paxton sold a project in Arlington, WA that was roughly 2.8M SF and would require a helicopter to lift the Roof Top Units (RTU’s) to the roof because of the massive footprint of the building.

On February 19, 2022, after months of anticipation, MacDonald-Miller executed a dual helicopter crane pick and lifted 58 units to the rooftop of this Amazon Distribution Center. Due to risk, enormity of the building footprint (750,000 SF), and limited daylight we knew we had to be efficient regarding how this was planned and executed. Newly hired project engineer Eric Han was tasked with planning and implementing the pick 58 RTU’s as efficiently as possible. He put together several different plans and worked diligently with Joe Sparks and Mike Jackson to get their feedback so we could maximize the field movements as well as adjust on the fly if something went awry.

Because of Eric’s detailed planning, we were able to work through an issue when one helicopter had a mechanical problem. The go time was supposed to be 7:30am with the larger helicopter. However, when getting ready for takeoff, the pilot noticed something wrong with a broken wire and had to shut down the helicopter to fix it. What would seem like a mini-disaster was a non-issue due to the planning of Joe Sparks, Mike Jackson and Eric Han. We were able to change the sequencing of the pick so we could proceed without a long delay.

Although the weather conditions were not ideal at 39 degrees, and there was 80 mph rotor wash from the helicopter, our rigging and roof crew proved once again how MacMiller is best in class. The execution of this scope was flawless even when challenges outside our control arose. Picking 58 units with a ground crane is not easy in one day, but to lift 58 units in 6.5 hours shows great planning, safety and teamwork!

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