Values are our Value
I often try to explain what makes MacDonald-Miller special. In my heart it seems clear, but in words it’s harder to explain. Recently, our Culture Committee went on a deep and valiant exploration to describe what we are and preserve it in words we can all live by. These value statements are a crisp refresh of our old operating guidelines that we established over 20 years ago. I am confident they will serve us well for years to come. Look for how these values show up in our offices and jobsite:

  • Collaboration – Diverse players, one team, a common vision.
  • Dedication – We are dedicated to personal and professional excellence.
  • Safety – Everyone deserves a safe workplace. It’s more than hard hats and boots, it’s an attitude and the environment we create.
  • Community – We are proud to be part of MacDonald-Miller. Together we create an environment that is welcoming, caring and trusting.
  • Innovation – We are committed to continuous, creative problem solving.
  • Fun – We take the work seriously, but never ourselves too seriously.

What’s really inspiring for me in these words is they are not what we want to be – it is who we are – every day. 

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