Give it up for Giving Back

At MacDonald-Miller we believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to build healthy and viable communities. MacMiller offers the Giving Fund to support our employees in their charitable work in our local communities and around the globe. Here are a few examples of how the Giving Fund has helped our employees as they volunteer and support the causes that are important to them.

Skagit Valley Neighbors in Need

“I enjoy giving back to a good cause especially one that helps those less fortunate,” says Brendon, who helps at Neighbors in Need, the oldest food bank in Skagit County. Brendon volunteers with HVAC repairs and other building needs.

Neighbors in Need feeds hundreds of homeless in the Valley and many struggling families. They make to-go bags for the homeless and provide microwaves so they can have a hot meal while they are here picking up food.

The Giving Fund was able to help with their walk-in equipment that was approved a couple of years ago. It has increased the number of fresh vegetables and produce they can distribute to ensure good quality food is available for these folks. And it’s not all boxed food. They feed 60,000 people a year and they handle over 1 million pounds of food. Currently they are handing out 80,000 pounds a month! They rely on 30 volunteers that hand out food every Tuesday and the people that come through the line thank every one of them. It’s amazing to be a part of this process!!!”  – Brendon Thorstad, North Sound Service Tech



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