Poised for a curtain call: Historical Building Gets a Revamp in Tacoma

With so much of our work focused on new buildings, we were thrilled with the opportunity to help revamp a noteworthy historical building in downtown Tacoma, Washington. The Pantages Theater has been our client for ages – in fact, Dave Fillo replaced the main boilers there over 10 years ago. The complete theater refresh required the removal of all seating and ramps and the repainting of the intricate details that make the theater such a one-of-a-kind venue.

We helped support mechanical and plumbing upgrades as well as the rooftop duct work replacement above the lobby.The next phase of the remodel will include a plumbing upgrade for the lobby restrooms as well as the addition of a donor’s lounge on the 4th floor of the historic Jones Building above the theater. Scope of work for MacDonald-Miller includes mechanical and plumbing for the new bar and restrooms.

Eventually the building will need significant seismic upgrades, which will include four new sheer walls all the way up to the roof!

More project highlights from our Perspective Newsletter.

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