Introducing MacDonald-Miller’s new Training and Employee Development program.

Our innovations and investments go beyond mechanical pipe, duct and technology – we are also investing in our most important asset…our people!

MacTed is the culmination of efforts across our company to serve as a central hub of learning and growth for all our employees. This comprehensive program combines both existing and new training opportunities delivered through a mix of engaging workshops, eLearning and in-the-moment accessible content.

“There is a staggering amount of service providers for online learning out there. MacTed is not standard content off the web developed by somebody else. We have been diligent in ensuring content is relevant, effective and specific to meet our employee’s needs.” – Kevin Blum, HR Director

This means our employees will have the professional development they need to make a substantial impact on the work we perform, the customers we help, and the communities in which we serve. Our continued investment in our employees is central to our mission. We make buildings work better and MacMiller works better because of our people.

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We make buildings work better.