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Crane picks are always orchestrated magic, and this June after months of planning and coordination with a tight schedule and last-minute changes off equipment layout, we set to work on our epic crane pick at Seattle Genetics.

We had three trades represented, Sheet Metal, Mechanical Piping and Refrigeration working together to set over $800,000 worth of equipment and materials in five hours. This included 15 pieces of equipment and over 30 picks on one of the hottest days of the year.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, everything fit into place accurately the first time, which was critical as the crane was onsite for only one day.

This will be the 6th (Building 6) and 7th (Building 11) major projects we’ve completed in the last 6 years with Seattle Genetics. Building 5 finished up in 2017 and Building 11 is currently ongoing.

Similar to Building 5, Building 6 is a 2-story complete building overhaul for a new research and office facility for Seattle Genetics. Our client has a focus on maintenance and future flexibility, so keeping the mechanical scopes consolidated and easy to access is critical.

The Haakon laboratory air handling units we are installing offer a redundant dual tunnel configuration allowing routine maintenance to take place without downtime to the lab’s HVAC system. One-on-one meetings during the building Management System submittal review process allowed us to advance campus standards, improve system staging and efficiencies, and prioritize critical spaces monitoring needs early.

On the 2nd floor mechanical level, Sheet Metal, Plumbing, Fitting and the other MEP trades worked together to use MTR’s and duct-racks to support the fast-paced construction schedule and the future building maintenance needs. The MLAB, supported by Detailing and Engineering modeling efforts, allowed Seattle Genetics and the construction team to get a look at the routing and layout ahead of installation to identify installation or future maintenance issues.

On the 1st floor lab spaces there are over 400 lab gas connection points supported by lab gas racks and ceiling panels so that the owner can interchange and relocate equipment based on future needs. In addition, all of the 1st floor heating and cooling needs are supported by equipment on the 2nd floor above, which will allow for limited impact to the lab or office spaces when maintenance is required. Above all, schedule and flexibility are critical to success. Thus, all departments, through design and into construction, have worked diligently to anticipate the owner’s needs and provide another successful project in a tight construction window.

Construction is currently in full swing with a target date of Q1 2020 for turnover.

It is always good to pause and take a short moment to celebrate milestones…Today’s rooftop crane operation involved 35 equipment picks. The largest being roughly 15K lbs and the smallest roughly 100 lbs. They started with the first pick at 6:35 AM this morning and finished up around 11 AM. That equates to roughly 8 minutes on average per pick done safely. Well executed and well done!!! – Jordan Swanson, LCL Project Manager, SeaGen Building 6

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