Connected Building Solutions:

At MacDonald-Miller, Connected Building Solutions enhances our ability, and that of our customers, to make data-driven decisions when it comes to making buildings work better. Using multiple types of smart devices, we can connect to almost any facility and start directing real-time building performance information to our very own Connected Buildings Center. Unlike many ‘Smart Building’ companies in the marketplace, MacMiller staffs a business hour operating center to review building performance data and transform complicated data sets into information that is simple and actionable for our customers. Connected Building Solutions embodies our dedication to the customer experience through this unique pairing of data collection and real-time HVAC expert analysis.

Smart building service technician

An example of our Connected Building Center at work is:

  1. A customer’s server room begins to increase in temperature beyond its design
  2. MacMiller’s Connected Building Center receives a critical event notification
  3. Our Connected Building Technicians review building performance specifics such as discharge air relative to space temperature and equipment performance of nearby zones
  4. Remote diagnosis is made that the temperature increase is due to the evaporative cooling loop failing
  5. The customer is contacted to discuss the best next steps
  6. A MacMiller service technician is dispatched to repair the system with the knowledge of the root cause of the cooling failure

Thanks to our Connected Building Technician’s expertise and integration with our Service Team we were able to save the customer time and money, all the while getting their critical space back to normal operations.

This excerpt from a day-in-the-life of a Connected Building Technician showcases how our customer was able to effectively task their day with informed recommendations in addition to scheduling services with MacMiller, avoiding emergencies and downtime. Overall, the primary benefits our customers enjoy from Connected Buildings is knowing they have a true partnership with MacMiller in managing the equipment health and longevity on their sites.

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