Project Highlight: Boeing Trenches 

Scope of Work: Boeing Hydronic Heating-Water Return-Piping Replacement

This project was driven by an existing leak in a 6” steel heating water line that was buried underground and tied two separate buildings together. The leak appeared to be caused by lack of insulation where piping contacted a subgrade concrete pad and/or lack of water circulating through the system causing corrosion pits.

The original plan was to have the piping re-lined with an epoxy liner, but cost and length of pipe run made that option too expensive. We opted to go with Thermacor piping that would sit on top of the existing lines and the leaking line would be abandoned in place. This project was required by the customer because the property was being sold and required all utilities to be functional to close the deal. Our main challenges were having an open trench during the wet season and material handling near an open trench. Shoring was used in accordance with OSHA standards to ensure the trench didn’t collapse on us. All work was performed by Kory Bosler, Zach McIntosh (welder) and Sam Andrew (fitter/plumber).


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