A tight team for a tight deadline

For this 3-story tenant improvement project in Portland’s historic Power and Light Building, MacDonald-Miller had to respond quickly to propose, design and immediately start work to accommodate WeWorks’ tight deadline.

Designing new systems with an old building footprint is always challenging. This is especially true for this project, as WeWork, a company offering custom shared office space, never proceeds with a project until they have tenants signed. The result is a deadline that can’t be delayed! This extremely fast-track project encompasses nearly $2 million in scope and needs to be completed in just a few months. The expected completion date for Level 12 is June 1, 2018, with Levels 10 and 11 following with a July 2, 2018 completion date.

Our HVAC scope of work includes a 4-pipe heating hot water and chilled waterfan coil units. We will implement in-house Honeywell controls, and the design involves three separate floors totaling approximately 50,000 SF.

A big shout-out goes to Superintendents Tom Mitchell and Mark Croman, who’ve been on-site working with the crews. Our sheet metal and fitting groups have been working so well together! Brian Hickory, Project Manager, has been instrumental working with our team and the general contractor, HST Construction, to keep everyone on schedule. And that’s no easy task!

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