OLYMPIA, Wash. – Governor Inslee’s Climate Action bill (SB 5802) passed the State House today on a bipartisan 61 to 32 vote. The bill previously passed the State Senate (37 to 12) and now heads to Governor Inslee’s desk for signature. SB 5802 is sponsored by Senator Kevin Ranker.

“The Governor’s climate action bill keeps our state in the game – requiring leaders to map out a strategy to grow our clean energy economy and reduce climate pollution,” said Joan Crooks, executive director of Washington Environmental Council and co-chair of the Environmental Priorities Coalition. “By taking smart and responsible action now, we position Washington to be economically competitive in the 21st century.”

SB 5802 commissions an independent evaluation of the climate pollution reduction programs of other states and Canadian provinces, and of opportunities for new job-producing investments in Washington relating to cleaner energy and greater energy efficiency. It convenes the Governor and legislative leaders to develop policies to ensure we achieve our climate pollution limits for 2020 and beyond (set in statute in 2008 by Environmental Priority legislation).

“Governor Inslee is delivering on his promise to move Washington forward on climate action,” said Brendon Cechovic, executive director of Washington Conservation Voters. “We are excited to work with him and legislative leaders to take the next steps towards building a clean energy economy.”

“Our state has begun to see the early and expensive results of climate disruption, like ocean acidification, drought and forest fires,” said Jessica Finn Coven, Washington State Director at Climate Solutions. “We cannot afford business as usual, nor can we afford to miss the opportunities of expanding our clean energy economy.”

“Washington State has a major concentration of the world’s clean energy thought-leaders, businesses, and energy service providers. This makes us uniquely positioned to actualize the Governor’s objective of creating a clean energy economy.” said Perry England, Vice President of MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions.

The Governor’s Climate Action bill is part of the environmental community’s Clean Energy Solutions Priority, which also includes improving equipment efficiency (SHB 1017), and closing the Big Oil tax loophole.

Link to release online: http://wecprotects.org/press-room/press-releases/wa-climate-action-bill-passes-state-legislature

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