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MMFS awarded VPP Star certification

MacDonald-Miller has a culture of safety that provides all our employees with not only the authority to stop unsafe work, but the responsibility to stop work if someone believes something is unsafe. Recently our prefabrication shop received Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star certification from the Washington State Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).

“Being recognized as a leader in workplace safety and health by the Washington State Division of Occupational Safety and Health is a testament to all of our employees and management working together to make our workplace the safest it can be,” says Lee Pyfrom, Safety Director.

The Voluntary Protection Program, or VPP, is a way for OSHA and the Washington State Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) to recognize and partner with businesses and worksites that show excellence in occupational safety and health.  Sites are committed to effective employee protection beyond the requirements of OSHA standards.  VPP participants develop and implement systems to effectively identify, evaluate, prevent, and control occupational hazards to prevent employee injuries and illnesses.  As a result, the average VPP worksite has a lost workday incidence rate more than 50% below the average of its industry. In return, OSHA removes participants from programmed inspection lists.

Our shop has a Total Case Incident Rate for Injuries and illnesses (TCIR) 54.4% below the national average in our industry and Days Away from Work, and our Restricted and/or Job Transfer Rate (DART Rate) is 20.2% below the national average in our industry.

“Hanging the VPP flag from our flagpole is symbol of our dedication to continual improvement of workplace safety and health,” says Pyfrom.

Approximately 107 employees are employed at the Norfolk Shop in Seattle, Wash. We officially began our journey towards VPP in 2018.


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