Bi-Polar Ionization and Controls Upgrade

This fast-track project included installation of approximately 170 ion generators covering 23 floors of office space for T-Mobile Corporate Headquarters and several of their other buildings in Bellevue and Bothell. Thanks to Seth LaRiviere’s prior experience, vetting and testing of the Bi-Polar Ionization product, we were able to understand what needed to be accomplished in the field to give the customer our best possible product. Given the quick turnaround requested by the customer, we were challenged to perform field engineering in conjunction with in-house controls engineering support, often installing and engineering at the same time. Thanks to Lindsey Andrews, Tom Gibb, Sintayehu Tekle, Sergey Feskov, and Shane Zike, we had the ability to collaborate on the best possible installation methods and efficient completion of the work.

The ionization product was installed with ion generators, ion room sensors and VOC sensors integrated across the control system to provide real time visibility, command, and fault alarming for the new system. This required the modification of the existing control systems to accept the additional input and output requirements of the ionization generators and sensors. Additionally, the buildings were programmed to provide enhanced capability of facility staff to initiate an ion dispersion sequence at the touch of a button, increasing their primary airflow and ion counts in the space if deemed necessary.

Bipolar ionization is a technology that is new for our offerings. It boasts improved air quality and space sterilization properties that provide a proactive solution to combating bacteria, virus and other building contaminates. This affords facilities staff, owners and management enhanced confidence in creating safe in-person work environments.

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