“MacDonald-Miller has been awarded the 2021 Safety Excellence Award from the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). NECA is the electrical industries equivalent to the MCA for the Mechanical Contractors. MacDonald-Miller is 1 of 239 contractors nationwide to receive this award. What makes this award so special for MacDonald-Miller to win is that part of the award criteria is that it takes into account all hours worked by the company, not just the Electrical Department.

When you factor in the entire company of MacMiller, we work more hours than a vast majority of our peers and there are not many companies that have so many different trade options as us. The metrics used to decide the award winners are companywide hours, EMR’s, Lost Time rates, Total Lost Time Days and Any Fatalities. They also ask about what we are working on to promote and protect our crews. The EMR rate, which stands for Experience Modification Rate. This is a calculation that insurers use to calculate workers compensation rates. The average EMR in our industry is 1.000, a rate of 0.500 is considered to be “Best in Class” and our rate is 0.300.

This award, although given by the Electrical Contractors Association, is an award for all of us here at MacDonald-Miller. A huge shout-out to all of us and especially to the Electrical Department for your continued safe work practices.” – Ed Adams, Electrical Operation Manager

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