November 27, 2012

City Light issues RFP for energy program

Seattle City Light has issued a request for proposals from building owners who want to participate in a three-year pilot program that will pay them for the energy they save.

City Light wants three commercial office buildings to test the Pay-for-Performance program. Participants will get three cents for every kilowatt-hour of energy saved each year, rather than an upfront payment for expected energy savings.

Information about the RFP is online at Proposals are due Jan. 15.

The RFP encourages respondents to be innovative and tailor approaches to suit their business.

City Light said in a press release that business and energy experts say they can identify equipment, facilities and operational changes that will save more energy than under the utility’s current incentive programs. Bigger rebates based on actual performance will encourage businesses to make investments in energy efficiency.

“This approach gives businesses flexibility to pursue electricity savings opportunities that will be of most benefit to their businesses,” Superintendent Jorge Carrasco said. “It also reduces risk for the utility, since we only will be paying for actual conservation savings realized, and all of our customers benefit from the lowest cost energy available — conservation.”

Participants will monitor their energy savings and report on a monthly and annual basis. Savings can come from behavioral changes, capital projects, operations and maintenance.

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