The core of who we are and what we believe determines what we do and how well we do it.

  1. The cooperation of groups and individuals is critical to the success of the company.
  2. Each of us has the responsibility to evaluate the impact of our actions on others.
  3. In honesty in all internal and external company dealings.
  4. All employees should be compensated fairly.
  5. All employees need to take responsibility for their job, see what needs to be done and take the initiative to do it.
  6. In providing job-related education and training for all employees.
  7. In providing the best possible value in our products, servicing what we sell, and living up to our promises.
  8. We must make a profit sufficient to ensure the financial security of the company.
  9. In the integrity of the individual and strive to eliminate discrimination of all kinds.
  10. In a team approach to management which fosters decision making at the point closest to the work/situation.
  11. We have an obligation to understand the needs of our customers and provide the services to meet those needs.
  12. Mutual trust, respect, fairness and honesty are essential to success.
  13. In providing a business environment that promotes the achievement of both personal and company goals.
  14. In encouraging open minded, creative, and innovative thinking by individuals and groups.
  15. In working together in a positive, supportive, caring way.
  16. In long-range planned growth.

We make buildings work better.