We are proud to sponsor the 12th Annual Energy/Facilities Connections (EFC) ConferenceThe theme this year is Total Building Management—From Cradle to Grave, which speaks to the holistic nature of facilities leadership.

The event spans two and a half days and features a blend of facilities maintenance, plant operations, custodial and design/planning training with a leadership and technical focus. Attendees can expect something a little different at EFC than at a typical conference, including intensive training opportunities that are presented in a variety of ways, such as classroom-style sessions, hands-on opportunities and structured networking. There’s something for everyone at EFC 2016, so join us May 3-5, 2016 in Leavenworth, Washington, for invaluable learning and leadership connections.

To claim the MacMiller discount:

  • Access the new registration page: https://cm.wsu.edu/ereg/newreg.php?eventid=150476&&
  • Type in e-mail in space provided
  • Type the code in the Discount Code box
  • Click on the Non-Consortium Member registration option below…and BEFORE clicking “continue”…
  • Be sure to click “Apply Code”
  • The new price should be the member rate of $350, as opposed to the $595 rate

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