Women in Construction Week:

Happy day 2 of Women in Construction Week!  Today we want to highlight a newer member of our team, Maddie Neuman, our corporate Training Coordinator!  Last year MacDonald-Miller recognized the need for a custom designed training & education development program, which would serve as a central hub of learning and growth for all our employees. The company needed someone passionate about learning, teaching, and building a program specific for our industry. Maddie’s enthusiasm for career development made her the perfect candidate for leading this program.

Maddie Neuman, Training Coordinator.

After working as a middle school and high school teacher for a few years, I decided I wanted to see what learning and development looked like in a business organization. I honestly never thought I’d work in the construction industry, but my passion for learning and development happened to be a great match for the launch of MacDonald-Miller’s new Training and Employee Development program, MacTed.

As MacDonald-Miller’s Training Coordinator, I partner with internal and external subject matter experts to design training & develop experiences. In my year here, I’ve created a New Hire Orientation for employees, which includes an online Anti-Harassment and Discrimination training, revamped the Job Shadow Program, helped build the Foremen Leadership Program, and assisted in creating a Sales Training Program.

The people at MacMiller are the real deal – our employees are authentic, hard-working, and a whole lot of fun! This is a place where people can show up as they are and if they have an idea, no matter how outside the box it is, be able to share it. This organization celebrates innovation, forward thinking, team collaboration, and hard work. I love the culture and the people – that’s what makes this whole job come alive for me. I love watching people and teams transform, becoming better before my eyes. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that our employees are cared about, supported, and championed at all levels of this organization, and I’m constantly inspired by the leaders of this organization, as they continue to invest in developing our employees at a high level.

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