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The Emerald Services Brighton Facility, owned by Safety Clean and Clean Harbors, hired MacDonald-Miller to transform a decommissioned oil storage facility into an oil recycling hub. Using 8 existing gear reduction pumps, railcars bring oil into the farm, filling the 10,000 gallon tanks. Valving then shifts pumping the oil from the tanks through filter assemblies, regulators, metering stations and to trucks that can deliver the product or to metering stations that can fill 55 gallon barrels. This project has caught the attention of high level Safety Clean players, thus opening communication for another similar project for the Tacoma Industrial Recycling Plant. Our expertise knows no bounds!

“The main crew working outdoors in one of the wettest winters on record was Pat Scott, Dustin Williams, Scott Loran and Jory Heslep. I have been told by Emerald Services that pictures of this project will be used worldwide to show other companies what they expect. The original job was emailed to me as an idea from one of Safety Cleans mechanical engineers. There was a rough magnitude of how the plant should operate and the components needed with no real drawings or prints. I bid the job without really knowing how large any of the components were as the information given to us was very limited and Safety Clean purchased all their own parts. Pat and Jack took on the project as a challenge with Pat having to deal with new obstacles daily. The facility has now been tested and works just like it was supposed to with Safety Clean very satisfied. THANK YOU to the crew and everyone involved at the prefabrication shop. Everything looks spot on, I am amazed at what the prefab shop can do. Pat knocked it out of the park although he doesn’t like the attention!” ~ Jeff Morasch, Industrial Chiller Specialist, Account Manager

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