Welcome to the largest plumbing project

for our special project teams to date!

The Darigold production plant in Seattle was in process of assessing a competitor’s scope of work, but due to our competitive pricing and strong relationships, MacDonald-Miller secured the remaining three phases.

Scope of work:

  • Replacing the water main piping coming into the building with 400 feet of 6” main from the basement.
  • Replacing 1,500 feet of hot water piping with insulation
  • Replacing 1,300 feet of cold water piping with insulation
  • Total man hours in field: 1,753

Ceaseless Teamwork
Kelly King and Brad Oland teamed together on estimating the work, while Paul Monsen’s field team executed flawlessly! Kudos go to our weekly onsite rock stars, who include Kevin Tronsdal, Bruce Martinez, and Sam Coleman, there helping with demo. And our Weekend Warriors who facilitated the multiple shut downs over the course of 4 weekends in a row include: Kevin Tronsdal, Bruce Martinez, Ron Jacobs, Aaron Troupe, Evan Erickson, Jason Polfliet, Jim Brown, Max Beuter, Isaac Alexander, and Karl Emig. We must also acknowledge the huge contributions of Jake Jarvis and crew for plumbing fabrication, as well as Bill Dixon and his crew for welding up all the stainless fabrication.

About Darigold
Darigold is one of Washington’s largest private companies, and it remains a farmer-owned cooperative after nearly 100 years. We look forward to taking on more projects for Darigold, and we welcome them to our neighborhood as they relocate their headquarters to Georgetown this spring!

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