Leveraging MacDonald-Miller’s unparalleled expertise and depth of resources, Washington Patriot selected us to replace 100 drinking fountains at 6 separate buildings on the Everett Boeing Campus.

Our Construction Special Projects Plumbing Superintendents, Kevin Tronsdal and Jason McDonough, pulled just about every string possible to get a crew of 7 plumbers on site for the one month project duration.  Of special note, Tronsdal and McDonough were instrumental in keeping the crew on task with the 6-day, 10-hr shifts for the duration.

While every building required a separate permit and inspection, the MacMiller reputation for doing quality work allowed us to get a minimal review from the plumbing inspector. This went a long way in maintaining schedule timelines. Since the end of 2016, an additional 126 fountains have been added to our scope of work, and all installations were completed in early May. We want to credit Washington Patriot for running a well-oiled machine, as they’ve been tremendous at keeping the abatement contractor, the electrician, the drywall contractor, painter, and MacMiller all working together seamlessly.

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