Many people don’t stop to truly consider what keeps the air in buildings fresh, clean and free of dust. They may be surprised to discover just how big a role air filters play behind the scenes. Filters are an unseen, yet very significant part of building performance – so important, in fact, that the technicians at MacDonald-Miller changed out more than approximately 26,000 filters annually.

What makes MacMiller so special in this arena is that we house our very own Filter Shop, which is rare for a Mechanical Services Contractor.

“First of all, we’re the only service provider I know that has their own Filter Shop,” boasts Fred Edejer, Filter Shop Manager. “This is extremely beneficial to our technicians and our customers. Having an internal provider that knows our business inside and out saves a ton of cost and time.”

The Bag-It and Tag-It program has proven invaluable for delivering filters to the service zones. Fred and David Rellinger, Filter Service Specialists, place a bulk order for all the different filters needed in each zone, separate each filter needed for each job, label those filters, bag them, tag them, and then deliver them to each zone. This keeps the 200 MacMiller technicians from running around and searching for their own filters – it’s a seamless service that ensures customers’ buildings have the clean filters they need.

Additionally, the Filter Shop creates custom filters if a piece of equipment demands a certain size that isn’t normally in stock. “If they require a special order, we can often make it and deliver it the same day.” said Fred. “We are our own distributor, which means immediate service.”

From $2,000 HEPA filters for hospital systems to $3 filters for small office units, there exists a wide array of filter types that keep the air in buildings clean. So, the next time you’re in the MacMiller Seattle office, stop by the Lower Building for a tour of the Filter Shop. It’ll truly be a breath of fresh air.


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