We MacMillians have witnessed our fearless leader climbing peaks, racing mountain bikes and fishing rivers for many years. As a company, all of us love these outdoor adventures – such activities have been part of the MacDonald-Miller culture for decades. It’s this link to the outdoors that makes our business relationship with Columbia Sportswear in Portland so special. The dynamic interplay between our Service Department, Building Performance Group (BPG) and Service Special Projects (SSP) teams in serving Columbia Sportswear made for a seamless, enjoyable undertaking.

One of our account managers launched the adventure in 2015 with a service agreement, but immediately recognized that the client had other needs we could assist them with. She called in the experts from BPG and SSP and led a round table discussion with the client that covered downtime, comfort issues, control system migration paths, and energy consumption concerns.

Now, two years later, we still maintain a strong Service relationship – and the client has a new chiller and Catalyst control system that’s saving $3,000 annually (or 44,079 kWh per year). All that awesomeness propelled Columbia to engage in the next step to unify various campus control systems through Josh Stephenson’s presentation on ICONICS facility analytics. What a great adventure!

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