"It's our job to attract and retain the top employees in our field. We are always looking for superheroes: remarkable people who thrive on challenge and a fast-paced work environment."

Jerilee Thurston

Director of HR


MacDonald-Miller is one of 85 finalists out of 300 nominees!!!

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Committed To Be The Best

At MacDonald-Miller, we believe in working together. In all instances, we share knowledge and expertise from our different divisions to deliver on our promises. If you are a smart, motivated and experienced team player, MacMiller is interested in hearing from you.

Our Spirited Culture

When you come to work at MacMiller, you join a team of professionals who work hard and play hard – generally at different times. With our BBQs, softball teams, golf tournaments, onsite ping pong , Winterfest party, health gangs, Hawaiian shirt Fridays and more – you become part of our MacMiller community. We welcome your humor and creativity, as well as your intelligence, at work.

The Top Left Corner

Three significant things you probably know about the Northwest: rain, coffee and Nature. Yes to all three, in ascending magnitude.

We have less rainfall annually than New York but our precipitation is a slow drizzle that lasts longer – hence our well-deserved wet reputation. Our mists and rain keep our region clean and green so when the sun comes out, it sparkles here.

Starbucks is our most famous coffee purveyor with its headquarters in Seattle. Sharing the streets with the green mermaid are countless independent coffee shops and roasters. Most restaurants serve espresso and the natives tend to get carried away with coffee paraphernalia at home.

There’s so much to discover when it comes to Nature: glacier-topped mountains, ocean beaches, freshwater lakes, the mighty Columbia River, inspiring national parks and on and on. Whether you like to bike, kayak, mountain climb, sail, ski or hike, the Pacific Northwest is year-round paradise.

A few things you many not know about the region’s inhabitants: we love sports, we’re foodies who enjoy local wines and handcrafted beers, and we’re wired to be independent and innovative.