Capitalizing on Common Sense

Snohomish County Public Utility District (SnoPUD) and MacDonald-Miller have developed a valuable initiative that elevates the importance of energy efficiency for commercial customers.

The Energy Savings Purchasing Program presents an innovative approach to overcoming the first costs hurdles of making the needed capital improvements with inefficient building systems in a way that can actually pay for itself, with no upfront costs at all. Consider this to be the end of wasted energy consumption, and the beginning of long-term energy savings!

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  • Energy efficiency as a service
  • No owner capital contribution required by design
  • Savings are validated and financially guaranteed for 10 years
  • Opportunity to create additional cash flow
  • Immediate increase in building’s asset value
  • Inclusion of non-energy saving scopes of work
  • Program payments billed by Utility as an operating expense
  • Electric kWh and kW incentives based on actual savings
  • Hassle-free, turn-key solution by MacDonald-Miller

Our Customers

What they are saying about the SnoPud Program:

“You all have really thought through all the details – kudos to SnoPUD and team! The program is enabling SNBL to address many of our aging infrastructure needs without compromising our working capital. We are getting this work done as a program instead of many small projects over multiple years. In fact, the lighting improvements to LED would have never been funded.”

Ron Wren    Director of Facilities & Cost Reduction / SNBL

“You have addressed all the triple net lease challenges. Kudos to SnoPUD and the MacMiller team for figuring out how to overcome this real investment challenge in the commercial real estate industry. It appears you have addressed all the typical barriers.”

Joe Malaspino    Director of Engineering / Kidder Mathews

“I have so much been looking for this type of program. It enables me to present an alternative method of making the needed mechanical and lighting improvement investments in the properties that I am managing. Upgrading the lighting and HVAC system would have been almost impossible to make happen without this program. Are you talking with SCL? I got properties in their territory that are perfect for this type of program. It is about time that a Utility started to think differently.”

Earl Wayman    Senior Property Manager / Kidder Mathews

“Count us in once the program is official. We have lots of energy efficiency and end of useful life items on the to do list that this program will help us to accelerate getting done.”

Teague Company Representatives   

“We definitely see value in the SNOPUD Program as a way to conserve our own capital for other traditional Port expansion projects.”

Taylor Nuccitelli    Property Manager/Managing Broker / Port of Everett



The pilot enrollment period is limited to 18 months so act quickly to get enrolled.

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Program Design

The Energy Savings Purchasing Program delivers a financial guarantee on savings.

The underlying goal of this endeavor is aligning annual payments with the estimated savings for a budget-neutral to cash flow positive outcome. This is accomplished through a streamlined relationship between SnoPUD and MacDonald-Miller.


Energy Savings Purchasing Agreement

Contract between SnoPUD and the finance company, who is obligated to deliver established savings and project financing.


Energy Services Agreement

Multi-year agreement that the facility improvements and associated annual savings. This is a three-party agreement which guarantees the performance outcomes.


Scope of Work to Save the Day

There is zero upfront capital investment.

The program is designed to guarantee savings through building improvements that – as we mentioned earlier – pay for themselves. A potential scope of work could include any and all of the following:

  • End-of-life equipment replacements
  • Retrofit of obsolete building control systems
  • Deferred maintenance items
  • Replacement of outdated lighting with LED technology
  • Meter-based, continuous commissioning and analytics for real time performance management
  • Advanced energy management control strategies to maximize system efficiency, occupant comfort and extend equipment life
  • Water conserving plumbing upgrades
  • Air and water balancing of HVAC systems to reduce comfort and operational issues


Get the Savings Started

We look forward to helping you approach energy usage in the most financially advantageous way possible. Learn more about Sparkfund, and other utility incentive programs in your area, and see what we can do to help your customers save money while making their buildings work better.

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